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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Top Anti Aging Tips

Everyone wants to look young and glowing throughout his or her life. You cannot replay the reel of your life and stay young but you can definitely look young with some top anti aging tips. Aging is an unstoppable and natural process. Wrinkles, age spots and saggy skin are some of the signs of aging, which can spoil not just your beauty but also your confidence level.

You might have heard about various anti aging creams and other such cosmetic operation, which promise to provide you a younger looking skin. However, you cannot deny the fact that every technology has its own side effects along with the benefits. They even make your face look artificial. Top anti aging tips will provide you solutions that bring great results without any side effects.

Here are some top anti aging tips that will help you look young and glowing:
•Exercise: this is the most important thing that you must do to look young. Not just look young but also keep your body healthy. Exercise will make your body stay away from those wrinkles and saggy skin. It will tighten your skin eventually making you appear young.
•Water: This is present in majority in our body. Drinking a lot of water will make your skin glow and look young. Water provides oxygen to our cells that make them appear fresh. You can even try eating watermelons to compensate for the water level on your body.
•Diet control: Avoid eating junk and fast food that will surely affect not just your health but also your appearance. Include a lot of leafy vegetables and fibrous food. Do not forget to have fruits after dinner or at breakfast.
•Home remedies: Rub potatoes on wrinkles and blemishes to reduce their appearance. You can even try using raw coconut milk on your face and massage with it. This will give a glowing effect to your skin.

Here are some top anti aging tips for make up:
•Do not use foundation on crow’s feet. Use foundation to jus even your tone. Do not use excess of it and make your face look artificial.
•When you makeup your eyes avoid using extra shiny eye shadows that will highlight your imperfections. Use brown mascara instead of a black one. Paint each eyelash, as your eyelashes get thinner as you grow old. This way you will make each of it appear bold.
•Use a medium sized brush to make you look young. Do not try the brush with hard bristles as they create streaks and lines on your face while you make up.


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