Anti Aging Skin Care

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Take Care of your Skin – Naturally

Natural Skin Care
With all the skin care creams from various companies, it is harder to choose one product without knowing how that product is going to work on your skin. Like any other task, it is better to take care of your skin yourself. You can do this at home using the natural things you usually find in your kitchen.

Some natural skin care tips are listed below step by step:

• Exfoliate: You need a natural bristle brush for doing this. You can exfoliate the dead skin cells and allow the skin to detox itself by using the dry brush exfoliation everyday before you shower. This also increases blood circulation and decreases puffiness. The gentle brushing also applies gentle pressure on the skin and thus giving a slight massage and thus calming the nervous system.
• Digestion: A good skin is said to be a reflection of a good digestive system. Have enough water throughout the day purifies your body of any toxic substance present in the body and also giving the skin a natural glow. Also include fiber in your daily diet. Whole grains have the most fiber in them, so try to include whole grains in your food. Eat enough fruits and leafy vegetables, this not only affects your skin texture but also keeps you healthy.
• Circulation: To improve and balance the blood circulation, you should keep moving. Don’t sit in one place for a long time. Going to the gym is also a good idea, this not only keeps you in shape but also removes all the toxic substances by means of sweat.
• Sugar: Excess sugar leads to premature ageing. The excess sugar entering our bloodstream leads to a process called glycation. In this process the sugar molecule damages a protein molecule by sticking to it. These damaged molecules damage collagen in our skin, cartilage and the ligaments tend to loose their elasticity. Due to this wrinkles start to form on the skin and it begins to sag.
• Fats: Fatty acids are not to be afraid of. These are simple fats that our body cannot live without. They make our cell membranes, hormones and the other chemicals in our body. These fatty acids keep our heart healthy, fight inflammation and also prevent cancer. These acids are very useful for people who have oily skin. These fatty acids are present in walnut oil, cold water fish and the fish oil supplements.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Skin Care for Men

Women are the most protective about their skin, whereas men on the other hand, are least bothered. For them, the skin care ends with shaving and aftershave. The skin is the body's first shield against diseases and germs, thus men's skin care is as important for the future as the women's skin.

Skin Care for Men

It's a fact that men spend very less time on taking care of their skin and more time damaging it through outdoor activities. Your face is the first thing people notice about you, that is why it is very important to take care of your skin. Here are some tips on men's skin care:

• Men have reported to have approximately 15% more oily skin than women. That means it gets dirtier with the larger pores on your skin. Clean your face at least twice a day. In addition to cleaning, frequently deep clean your face to remove the dirt and clear your pores to make your skin healthy and look good. Make sure your deep cleanser is without any chemicals. An occasional scrubbing is also necessary for men's skin care. Moisturize your skin after every wash. Make sure the skin care products you use have least amount of chemicals in them.
• The next step to men's skin care is toning your skin. Men are out in the sun more than the women, and thus their skin tends to collect more debris and pollutants that are present in the air. Use toners that contain glycolic or alpha hydroxyl acids, as these work best for toning the skin. Keep in mind to purchase toners that are not photosensitive.
• There are different products in the market for treating your skin. The products vary depending on the skin type. Exfoliating is also very important in men's skin care. It removes the dead skin cells that are formed daily. Many men use after shave lotions to moisturize their skin. Make sure these do not contain alcohol or any heavy fragrance in them, as they tend to irritate the skin.
• Healthy skin is a good looking skin. Protect your skin to keep it looking younger for a longer time. There are many protective techniques for men's skin:
1. Protect your skin from exposure to the sun. Sun damage to your skin can turn into serious skin diseases. Apply a sun block lotion whenever you go out that has SPF 15 or higher.
2. Exercising promotes capillary function and thus reduces the chances of premature aging of skin. It increases the blood circulation and oxygenates the tissues, which result in a young looking skin.
3. Make sure you have a daily diet that contains all the necessary vitamins like C and E.
4. Too much of a good thing is bad. So it goes for alcohol, smoking, stress, etc. These factors lead to premature aging and also decrease the circulation of blood and oxygen in your body which makes your skin look older.

Eye Make-up Tips

Eyes are the windows to your soul. Likewise, your eyes are the first feature anyone notices about your face. It is very important to define your eyes according to the make up you are applying. You should know how to apply the right eye make up for the right occasion and the time of day.

With the help of eye makeup you can enhance the beauty of your eyes, using colors that compliment your eye color and the overall shape.

Eye Make-up Tips

Eye Care Make Up Tips
The first step to eye make up is applying eye shadow. Here are some make up tips on different styles of applying eye shadow:

• For wide set eyes, or for giving an impression of more distance between the eyes, apply a light or medium shade eye color to your entire eyelid. Apply a darker color eye shadow to the outer one third of your eyelid and extend it beyond the corner of your eye. Smudge the color inwards to make sure that it blends with the lighter color. Widen the outer edges of your eye using an eye liner. Apply mascara on the tips of your eyelashes on the inner corner and keep increasing to the full length of your eye lashes on the outer edge.
• For closer eyes, or for the impression that your eyes are closer than they are, apply a light color eye shadow on the eye lid as before. This time, apply the darker shade on the inner edge of your eyelid and draw a fine line towards the outer corners of the eye and blend the color.
• For big, bold eyes, apply a light color eye shadow just underneath the brow line. This highlights your eye. Apply a medium shade of eye shadow to the main eyelid. The dark eye shadow will be applied along the crease of your eyelid till the outer edge of your eye. Blend the colors with the help of your fingertips. Apply eye liner, both on the upper lid as well as the lower lid, above and below the eye lash and make them meet at the outer edge of the eye.
• For softening your eyes, for highlighting the brow line apply a medium color eye shadow. The darker shade is applied to the rest of the eye lid. With the help of an eye liner, draw a line just above your eye lash and then apply mascara to your eyelashes.