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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Acne Skin Care Methods

Acne Skin Care
Acne, also known as pimples are pus filled pumps on our skin which come out due to the infection in the oil producing glands present on the base of our skin. This is most common when there are some hormonal changes in our body like puberty stage. The forehead, nose and chin are the areas that are the most prone to acne.

Acne becomes a great problem for those who are very conscious about their looks. In such situations it becomes very essential to adopt acne skin care. Here are some acne skin care tips for clearing them, as well as preventing them from coming up:

• Though washing your face with soap every now and then, can increase the chances of pimples coming up, washing with a mild soap can avoid pimples from coming up. Remember not to scrub very hard, massage the soap on your face in circular motions. Do not over wash or scrub too hard, this might cause irritation on your skin. After cleaning, it is best to apply moisturizing lotion which contains benzoyl peroxide.
• Many people try popping the pimple to clear it off, although it might be very tempting for us, it is not the right thing to do. The pus filled in the pimple spreads over the area and thus infects the other areas as well. This leads to more swelling and redness in that area and also leaves a scar even after healing.
• Avoid touching your face often or resting your face on objects which collect debris on them. This can spread the bacteria that causes pore inflammation and irritation. Make it a habit of washing your hands after applying anything on your face.
• Keep your glasses or sunglasses clean to avoid oil clogging in the areas around your nose and eyes.
• Avoid tight clothes if pimples have come out on your body. This may cause irritation and doesn't allow the skin to breathe. Scarves, headbands and caps can also collect dirt.
• Follow makeup tips like make sure you properly clean your makeup before going to bed and avoid using makeups which smells foul or is very old.
• Protect your skin from sun rays. If your skin is tanned by the sun, it may result in more oil production which could worsen the acne. Even otherwise sun rays are harmful for your skin as it leads to premature wrinkles and increases chances of skin cancer.

Apart from the acne skin care you follow, visit a dermatologist to have a proper treatment for your acne.

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